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BREDA B3.5SM 28" or 26"

WATERFOWL GUNB3.5SM is the smoothest of all supermagnum semi autos. The B3.5SM is built using the most efficient technologies ensuring the best mechanical functions and reliabilty. Chose Realtree Max 7 or Mossy Oak Bottomland camo. They are also available in Black. It is been used in the toughest hunting environments in the world and it is suitable in any hunting circumstances. Whether its in the flooded timber or a pit in a rice field it has proven time and time again, when the shot counts, the Breda 3.5 SM delivers! Its fast to the face and very comfortable to the shoulder. Available in Black or Camo version and will definitely turn heads!The Breda B3.5SM shotgun is the best value matched with uncompromised reliabilty. It is considered the smoothest, most accurate and fastest shooting gun in the industry and is said to be the best waterfowl shotgun available today.The unmistakable style and design of Breda shotguns which have marked for decades the line of the best Breda semiautomatic shotguns is offered again today with the new Breda B3.5 Super Magnum conceived for the use of the powerful cartridges cal. 12 Super Magnum of 89 mm (3 1/2”) but also in condition to shoot the less powerful cartridges of 76 mm (3”) and 70 mm (2 3/4”).This gun is proposed in a synthetic version with stock and fore end made of Rilsan fiberglass reinforced resin, tough, durable, anti-scratch and which doesn’t fear humidity. In the black model the frame and the barrel finish is matte black and matches well with the black stock and foreend. For hunters who desire a gun that camouflages itself with the surrounding environment.


BREDA 3.5SM Waterfowl Gun

  • Delivered in carton box, 4 stainless steel chokes and choke key included and sling swivels detachable

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