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The Breda B12is Variant 12 gauge shotgun is an excellent shotgun “competition-ready”, without need for further modifications. Conceived and designed to meet the necessities of the most exhigent shooters, B12i borns equipped with multiple strengths needed for the sports platform for which it is designed. This is the new T4 variant. It comes in Grey Cerakote or Black. It is a stunning gun that will catch the eye of any enthusiast. 

Particularly, the B12i study emphasized the importance of kinematic speed, leading to the creation of a shogun that overcome, in terms of speed of the firing cycle, most of the out-of-the-box shotguns present on the market.

The shotgun is used by professionals all over the world and has been chosen by several Shooting Teams in shotgun category for IPSC competitions in standard and modified categories.

Breda B12is T4 Variant 12 gauge shotgun

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