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The Breda Icaro 20 gauge shotgun is the little one of Breda series. It encases the technical features of the Breda Titano series in 12ga into the handy and maneuvrable 20 ga. Designed paying particular attention to the balance of weights, Breda Icaro20 offers a wielding experience with marked lightness and fluidity. A true gentlemans gun. Available in Realtree Max 7 or Bottomland camo. Also comes in Black.

The frame is manually polished and brushed by the skilled hands of the craftsman; then it is black anodized. As contrast effect, the aluminium trigger group, CNC machined, is nickeled.

Another point of strenght is the trigger group entirely CNC machined from solid billet made of ergal, with high performance of mechanical resistance and lightness. It feels great and shoots even better!

Power and precision are guaranteed by the renowned Breda barrels, drilled entirely from solid blank, that won’t make you regret shooting the smaller caliber.

Series Icaro 20

Are you looking for a lightweight, very handy shotgun with a refined and elegant design? ICARO 20 by Breda is the ideal solution for all those who want a hunting shotgun of great quality and performance at the highest levels.

Among the most important technical features, we point out the trigger group entirely made by CNC-machined aluminium by means of so-called "solid" machining, i.e. working a solid block of ergal 7075T6. This alloy, unlike others normally used in the firearms industry, guarantees higher resistance and allows greater precision in the machining operations so that to obtain a higher quality trigger group, both in terms of accuracy and feeling.

Chambered in 20/76 gauge and characterised by balanced and well-studied proportions, ICARO 20 is a very manoeuvrable and easy to use inertial hunting shotgun.

Not only light and beautiful, Breda ICARO 20 is also a shotgun that is very simple maintain. The frame, in fact, is composed of an upper receiver that hooks onto the breech, while the frame itself contains the bolt slide guides: by removing the barrel and the upper receiver, it becomes very easy to access the inside of this light hunting shotgun and carry out the ordinary maintenance and usual cleaning operations.

Available in 3 models:

- BLACK, with black surfaces obtained through anodising process and various phases of manual polishing;

- NICKEL, with the classic contrast between the nicheled frame and black upper receiver;

- TITANO20, with beautiful engravings created by Bottega Giovanelli.

Breda Icaro 20 gauge Shotgun Black

  • Great gun for the expert, novice or beginner!

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