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SUPERTITANO LIMITED EDITION is the BREDA novelty produced in a LIMITED edition, and it’s definitely the maximum expression, due to the peculiarity and value of the engravings, of the TITANO range.


The longer frame with Supermagnum proportions is produced from solid using the best selected raw materials and houses the splendid and rich engraving created by the hand of the Master Engraver Dario Cortini, with whom Breda now has a more than consolidated relationship of friendship and collaboration.


Particular study and attention was paid to the polishing of the surfaces. Performed by hand according to the gunsmith tradition, the finishing consists of several phases that aim to obtain an almost-mirroring surface, for this reason defined as semi-mirror, which is an essential feature for a masterpiece product.

The painstaking work is carried out entirely by a specialist, using sophisticated techniques and marked manual skills and sensitivity.

Never so beautiful and detailed, full of details and perfect in every nuance. Masterfully crafted by Bottega Giovanelli, the frame of  SuperTitano Limited is performed in several steps, starting with the preparation of the outline which is gradually enriched by multiple retouches, all done manually, to accentuate every little detail.

The stock and fore-end are in selected 4.5 / 5 grade walnut, with a natural oil finish done by hand respecting the timing dictated by the oiler craftsman. The oiling operation itself requires 14 steps, performed one every day, to give the walnut the necessary time to absorb the nutrient, embellishing the surface.

Particular attention is paid to the ergonomics of the woods, creating surfaces that facilitate and speed up the wielding of the shotgun.

Breda Super Titano Limited

SKU: 36523641234523
  • A limited batch of 1.000 units are manufactured by our gunsmiths.

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