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TITANO L is the maximum expression of the TITANO series and incorporates some strengths introduced with the 930i generation, designed for those who make the art of hunting their passion. Enhanced in every detail by the splendid engraving by Bottega Giovanelli, it is handmade and redefined to emphasize the harmony of the contrast between the lower nickel frame and the black anodized upper receiver; the meticulous attention with which the surfaces are polished and brushed strictly “by hand” denotes the quality and mastery of Breda artisans.

The elegant and precious design integrates perfectly with the stylistic choices of the master engraver Dario Cortini who wanted to create an engraving style that combines modern lines with traditional themes. The value is enhanced by the manual finishes made by the artists who fix unique ceramic enamels for each subject.

The stock and the fore-end are made with selected top quality walnut wood, with natural oil finish done by hand respecting the timing dictated by the oiler craftsman. Particular attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the wood, creating surfaces that facilitate and speed up the wielding of the shotgun. A further news introduced in this line is on the stock, specifically at comb: in fact a soft touch black insert has been added that absorbs the effects of the recoil on the shooter thus improving the shooting experience.

The process used for Breda shotguns nichel version is also called “double nichel plating” and has been expressly developed to guarantee unparalleled strength compared to the traditional nickel plating. The shotgun is therefore particularly protected from atmospheric and corrosive agents; distinctive sign of this process is the bright and homogeneous color of the frame.

Breda Titano L

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  • The know-how acquired in over a century of history, combined with the constant research for the most innovative technologies, has allowed the design and construction of the TITANO semi-automatic hunting shotgun, currently considered a jewel in the range of Italian arms production.

    Developed for hunting purposes, TITANO takes its cue from the important technical implementations applied in the production of the 930i Sporting shotgun: from this model, it inherits the receiver design and the solid ergal machined trigger group that make it a fast shotgun, particularly intuitive and very precise to target.

    Production and assembly entirely “Made in Italy” for a semiautomatic hunting shotgun that has already entered the hearts of many hunters all over the world.

    Available in different versions and models: TITANO NICKEL and TITANO BLACK, with finely polished and hand-brushed frames; TITANO and TITANO L, characterized by the engravings of maestro Dario Cortini made by the famous Bottega Giovanelli. Under development the smart solutions provided by the American ceramic paints that merge in a modern aesthetic with luxury finishing.

    You will be amazed with the  particular engraving process of the frame, during which three different engraving methods are used: laser, rolling and manual, to exalt the most the meticulous attention to detail and highlight the precision of the finishings

    In the version TITANO L, finally, it can be appreciated the vivid colours in shades of blue and white that form the background for animals flying in the sky: in this case the artist manually inserts the enamel in the engravings on both sides of the frame.

    TITANO is the semiautomatic shotgun for hunting purposes that makes the most of inertial energy, ensuring maximum reliability and simplicity of use, as well as perfect balance combined with the natural sight speed that comes from the correct balance of weights.

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